:Kodular: Kodular HTML Tricks

now? :rofl:

You just put a space or empty text
How can I see it
Edit: wait i looked in the chrome dev tools…

Wait wait we are too #off-topic

Thnakyou good information.

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Also we can create fractional expression :wink:

I tried it on a button, but I think it will also work on label.

One more :point_down:


This is the most exciting topic I have ever found on Kodular. Sorry its a very personal opinion about being excited. Thank you very much contributors and Thank you @Kodular for making this possible to us at no direct cost to us.

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I have tried many times earlier. The ‘table’ doesn’t work in label. Exact same code pasted. The result looks more like CSV (without comma :yum:).

Sorry for that i have tested it in a webviewer not in lable it’s my mistake

You can add my yesterday post
Font color working in label, can check yourself
<font color="red">Your Text in RED</font>
Thanks so much for this topic

b Defines bold text
em Defines emphasized text
i Defines italic text
small Defines smaller text
strong Defines important text
sub Defines subscripted text
sup Defines superscripted text
ins Defines inserted text
del Defines deleted text
mark Defines marked/highlighted text

Add <> in each tag for it to work :sweat_smile:

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Then why create this guide?

Now this topic is wiki. Anyone can edit this and add more tricks

i have another trick it is win+.
to add text with emojis in same label

What type of trick is this @Ekansh_Pandit?

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see it is sure u dont wanna add horizontal arrangement and keep two labels and in one u type text in other u type emojis.it becomes bit long.
but when u use win+. a emojis box pop ups and then pate emojis without adding horizontal arrangment . it gets solved by one label

@Peter Is there any guide that helps to understand how we can create proper posts in community. I mean how we can make our post look better. Because whenever I use HTML to edit my post, then my images wont show whatever I do. Moreover I lose alot of editing functionality provided by kodular community post writer. I would be helpful

Why do I need two labels if I don’t use “win + .”. And it’s only for Windows 10

i mean theres no need for it

kodular users are less on ios
else they can visit sites for emojis

What do you mean by this?

there are very few users on mac as compared to windows…
so their bad luck but they can go to sites copy emojis and paste it in text label

ONLY WINDOWS 10. Those who have Windows 8.1, 8 or lower (7, Vista, XP) don’t have emoji feature and cant see emojis too.