:Kodular: Kodular HTML Tricks

Boban is right, you have some seriously good vision
Nice spotted, you are right.


with <small/> it just makes it extra small

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I thought you are saying that I was wrong.
Or did I?

Never mind just don’t make it #off-topic


this is a secret message hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahha

Yes i can just zoom in lol

Of course, eagle eye. :wink:

now? :rofl:

You just put a space or empty text
How can I see it
Edit: wait i looked in the chrome dev tools…

Wait wait we are too #off-topic

Thnakyou good information.

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Also we can create fractional expression :wink:

I tried it on a button, but I think it will also work on label.

One more :point_down:


This is the most exciting topic I have ever found on Kodular. Sorry its a very personal opinion about being excited. Thank you very much contributors and Thank you @Kodular for making this possible to us at no direct cost to us.


I have tried many times earlier. The ‘table’ doesn’t work in label. Exact same code pasted. The result looks more like CSV (without comma :yum:).