Kodular IOS Builder

As written in the latest kodular premium post we can see they wrote why stop at Android so obviously they will bring iOS builder so my question is when will the update come like can we get any date or month

Thank you

Unknown, we’re excited :grin:

The Android builder doesn’t even work properly and is full of bugs that have gone unfixed for months, even years.

Why do you want an iOS builder until they can prove they can do Android right?

Also, extensions won’t be allowed in iOS.

Also also, there is no guarantee of iOS, they may be talking about web apps.


surely not in the next months. Actually no doubt it will take months for the staff to correct the bugs and update components… If they work right.

To recreate these many components in sdk would take even more time.
Not to mention that all the extensions would have to be recreated by the developers too. In the best dreams it would take 1-2 years to see a iOS builder working well

Thats a great thought but lets just give them a chance

Thats true

Kodular Android Bulder Is Best Go To Thuncable IOS builder Available

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This is not true, existing extensions will only work on Android until the developer adds support for iOS as well
In addition, the extensions will only be able to work after the application is built and not in the companion

Also not true, Kodular will have to wait for App Inventor to finish working on their version of iOS and only then will Kodular be able to start working on their version - the App inventor version creates an native iOS application - all components are already written in Swift

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If ios came definitely it will be ugly to develop apps for few months in it.

It is true (at least for now, see here).

:question: “… on iOS until the extension dev has rewritten it into Swift”

It is still unclear whether it will ever be approved for iOS (compiled app, IPA).

No, see e.g. here:


See also here:

Apple approval? (Of course Apple allows this). App inventor is still working on the compiler for iOS and it is currently only open to beta testers

You indicate the obvious

Yes, I know, but can you compile an app / build the IPA, that contains extensions?
I don’t think so, at least it didn’t work for me.

Extensions built for iOS Yes, but as far as I know there is no explanation for how to do this.

No, sorry, it is not yet possible. :cry: From what I heard from Anke in the App Inventor community, there is an experimental IPA builder for App Inventor, but that topic was moved to the Power User category. However,