Kodular is unable to compile this project

i just successfully compiled my application now, try another browser

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I am able to compile another project except mine
I think it is not browser problem

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that may be bcz ur project may have some issue, also attach the error log

i attached the log
It is right up
And it don’t have any information…
It’s just showing “compile error was.”

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i am facing the same issue since last night

You may have project in a project issue.

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i did everything .i delted the comps in project and imported again but error is again coming

Then it maybe due to server issue. Have some Patience.

do i need to delete whole assets or whole external comps or just comps in assets?

This may not be because any problem with project. I also faces the same issue in which it doesn’t compile for the first time, but it compiles on very second try without any change in project

i am trying from many days its not server issue
if it is server issue it should compile atleast one time but i am trying manytimes but not compiling

please ChatMeproj.aia (1.6 MB) this is my aia please try to export it
i am requesting everyone

Why 13 screens?? :astonished: Reduce them by using virtual screens(arrangements) and try again

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ok i will do it

thank you kodular team and also special thanks to @Boban it works
before i deleted wrong file noe i deleted the correct file
thank you soo much @Boban
now i am able to export it…

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Happy to know its working now, but you should really consider reducing the number of screens. And also you are not switching the screens properly

sure ,
can u tell where am i not switching properly please

By switching screens I mean that you are only going on opening new screens without closing previous screens. I have just checked 1-2 screens only

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‘There is no limit screen’ but…

We’re having a few issues with our APIs facing excessive load. We’re working on increasing the capacities of our services and hope to have everything up and running soon. App exports and monetisation reviews will continue to face momentary outages for the next few hours.

Apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.