Kodular payment in my account

After i got approval for monetiztion , I chose payment method where the card number and other details should be entered . I had use google admob as ads and created an account in it . The payment from the google admob will be directed to the my kodular account right ?

But when i had entered the card number in the Kodular payment method , it states invalid card number .I do not know why because i had use the same card for other purposes and it is not working in Kodular
This is the ss where payment is done right ?

No, the payment from Google Admob will be store and added to your Admob account only. Once your Admob account got minimum threshold i.e., minimum $100, you can request to payment directly to your bank account or other options will be shown.

Kodular Billing Service is used to remove commission which Kodular takes when you use any ad component in your app.

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How does Kodular determine the commission ?

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