I want to remove Ads Commission but kodular my card is not accepted

How to remove kodular ads commission.? I want to remove ads commission form my App but my debit card is not accepted kodular.

Please help me…

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Do you mean all debit cards is not accepted, or only yours? If so, make sure;

  • You have enough balance,
  • Your card is enabled for digital purchases,
  • Your card is enabled for purchases which coming from abroad.

You can contact with your bank about additional requirements maybe.


Payment Not Completed And Receive This Mail

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Then update billing information

Do you have $7.25 balance in your card?

Yes!! Balance Is Available.

I’m already updated billing information.

If the amount is refunded in your account try again

My payment fail and i am trying to again payment with other card but i am unable retry 2nd time payment because tere show only confirm purchase and i click confirm purchase redirect to support page every time than how to i make payment against.

I think your card is not accepted. or your card is not allowed to international payment.

But what is the next step. Now i am unable to make payment again through other card