Kodular performance in the new Microsoft Edge

A simple curiosity

Has anyone already tried Kodular in the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium? :thinking:

I am downloading it, I have read that there are several improvements regarding Chrome

I will share my experience once I install it :hugs:


I am gonna try this today…

I don’t see any differences.

PS : Mention if you find any.

Well, in Chrome I have a little Bug in the designer, but not in Edge

Although I think it only happens to me

As for speed it loads 4 seconds faster and Blocky responds a little faster

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Explain the bug :thinking:

Yes i am Using form round about 1 month and i think it’s better than Chrome for Kodular

Try all browsers: Firefox, Firefox Dev, Firefox Nightly, Opera GX, Chrome, Microsoft Edge.

And none responded as well as Firefox in my project that currently already has more than 1700 Blocks. I think if Chrome or Microsoft work 100%, Firefox works 600%. Feel free to choose which current Firefox verison to use.


I tried Microsoft Edge and writing this reply from it too…
It is quite impressive and can replace Chrome.It uses less resources and is lightweight and smooth too.
It is recommended to use it once…


I’m also using Microsoft Edge Chromium and it’s best from all Browsers for me.