Kodular slows down, Kodular slow

Huge Lag now in kodular creator , is there any solution ??
I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

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Well it dose look that way but for it’s also the as other and i have tried on firefox,chrome and brave also and as for my internet connection it’s 400m/s and as for my system im using ( Intel core i5 10th gen , 16 gig 3200mh ram , 500gig nvme ssd also my system comes with GTX 1650 4GB ) so if my system is the issue then what system do i need to use? and if it’s not my system then what that could be?

After some time without using Kodular (for work reasons) I have started to make an app and Kodular works perfect for me.

I have NO lag.

And I have made an app with 7 screens, which is quite a lot.

The lag is not generated by Kodular. It is generated by network or browser problems. If this were not the case, I would also have lag.

I think let’s stop our debate is kodular lagging or not we should end this topic. If there are such issues I think the kodular staff may react on them in upcoming updates.

I believe in kodular staff

O Kodular está muito lento já há mais de 3 semanas. Alguém sabe o que ocorre? Está impossível de usar do jeito que está.;
Kodular has been very slow for over 3 weeks now. Does anyone know what happens? It is impossible to use as is.;

Try this
.Kodular is lagging - #7 by Karman_Singh1

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I am using chrome browser … it’s weird
because it was working well few days ago
however, all of sudden it gets really really slow… that i cant even move my blocks…
(there is almost no change on my project)

Please , try This :point_down:

My page web kodular is slooooooooow
I can’t wait more…,:exploding_head:
Halp my
Am used chrome

hello, the creator is contracting and moving slowly while processing, I tried another web browser, can you help me in the same way?

If you had read the whole thread, you would have understood that you should use Firefox


Yes it’s working perfectly

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But firefox have issues with companion…

Not that I’m aware of and definitely not for me

If you are facing such issues you can use usb for the same

Dear Kodular,
I’m facing an issue with the kodular builder since 10-09-2022.
A few days kodular project has been incredibly slow, I can’t move any components & blocks. Newly created projects become much slower.
Now, what to do? Is it something happening on Kodular side?

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Read the replies in this topic.

it’s not from kodular you must check your internet connection and try using firfox

Edge just updated and I started experiencing the same issue as Chrome

Suspicions that it was a change in the Chromium base are growing (Has anyone tried Opera and other Chromium derivatives?)