Kodular Starter v2.0

The starter is really really awesome. I can’t believe it. I literally switched from 4 to 5 apps simultaneously and the companion just everything immediately. Its awesome.

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To everyone who would like to use Wireless ADB (I think Android P or Q+) instead of always needing your device connected to your computer, https://stackoverflow.com/a/10236938.

The state of Wireless ADB will reset when you restart your device!

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Wow! Now the USB testing will work! Appreciate your hard work :wink:

oh thanks now i got its reason to use
but how I activate it

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It worked pretty well, and fast! However, the do it function doesn’t work.

what is kodular starter means

The Kodular Starter is used to test via USB, and looks like a command prompt

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but i have 32 bit will it work i need the usb way more i want it a lot

I confirm this!

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I downloaded the Mac version but it is not a Mac application. How can it be run on a Mac?

This program doesn’t have a custom interface. Instead, it is a shell application that runs using the Command Prompt. Since I do not have a Mac Computer, I am not sure if it will also be based on the Terminal.

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You have to run this app using the terminal

$ /some_dir/KodularStarter_macos
  • Is your phone connected using USB?
  • Have you enabled USB debugging?
  • Did you approve the “Allow USB debugging” request?

I’m using BlueStacks. adb is active.
I tested on cmd
“adb devices”
I see my device but I have this error

Can you send me the output of adb devices?


BlueStacks is an emulator. Not a physical device. It is hard to hook ADB to an emulator.

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