Kodular Team,I have a small [Request] From You

First of all let me remind you that more than 100 functions are not working on your platform at this time when I am giving you this message still I kept your prime membership regular that dear will support you for some time Will upgrade it as well but when I created the application and put advertisement in it and for that also I have to ask for approval from you guys for that also I have to wait for 24 hours so what is the use of taking prime membership now we have waited for 24 hours even after that if ad shows are not happening then you can understand what will be the mental state then you all are joking with prime members you have made this platform and thought prime membership people should go to bhosdi. @Diego

  1. If someone has taken prime membership on your platform, then his account and all the functions of his account should be approved immediately, he should not need to ask for approval again, you should do such a system, We keep begging for approval and even if it is approved after 24 hours, the advertisement does not appear, then there are many problems and waste of time, so please pay attention to this.

  2. It is understood that coding is very difficult and it is a matter of time, I appreciate you in this, but you should pay attention to the one who is supporting you, even if it is small, you should listen to his words, only then you can do your best. You can make a better platform and your members will always be happy with you, but you do not listen to them, you do not give any reply, it feels very bad.


  • Applovin Ads Not Working.
  • Remove approval system for prime members please pay attention.
  • And just fix a few ad extensions and your platform will be awesome

Note:- I’m sorry for the title I just wanted you to pay attention to it remember I love your platform so much I’m sorry

:metal:You need to approve at least the account of prime members immediately, add some system that does not have to be approved or waited again and again


I agree with you.


I agree with you too

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I agree with you.

More bug

Buddy you are saying 2 days, I waited straight 1 year, and yet my app isn’t approved for ads :joy::rofl: