Kodular to airtable language problem

i came across a problem when making admin app for my urdu and roman poetry app when i typed English word it instantly uploaded to airtable but when i wrote in roman Urdu and Urdu it didn’t upload i have seen a video on yt about URL decoding i have put the URL encode block in admin app but confused where to put the url decode block in main app here are the blocks of main app can anyone plz figure put where to put that decode url block thanks

i think no one is willing to help i have posted three times in this weak no one has replied me yet

you might get some answers if you follow this guide


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Sorry, but posting questions on the community cannot guarantee the solution. Members always try to help each other. And maybe no one knows(including me) the answer to your current problem. No one is obliged to do so. Waiting is the only way or maybe you can get personal help by doing a pm to an expert on this topic. He/She might reply if he/she is free.


hope so someone will answer

Yup instead of asking questions if u have tried searching the solution u will have find.
I already have answered this question several times.
Just search
Airtable language issue.
U will find blocks solutions too.

And i have also mentioned that i have seen a video in yt abiout that if you could tell me where to put that url decode block it will be helpful

where u r adding your input text before text block use url encoder and in the input of url encoder u have to put your text block.
input to upload <------url encoder<-------text block

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I have placed that encode url block in my admin app it id working fine but have tried a lot to put decode url block in main app i have given the blocks pic in that post plz check and kindly tell me where should i put that decode url block thanks

now u have to use
label in app where to show value<--------url decoder<----------fetched value