Sending data from app to airtable sheet is not working properly!

I have made an app which sends data in airtable.

To send data, users manually type text in textbox1 then clicks send button.
if users send text in default language (English) it works properly. but if user try to send another font text like “hindi”, it doesn’t work!! nothing happens! Why?
please help!!

maybe airtable dont like hindi. But i believe something is wrong it cannot be that if you type in english =ok and if you type in hindi = error
i dont believe that

yea it’s unbelievable, but truth!

than you should write airtable support and ask them

show us that please in a small video

I will look into it.
Currently there is some problem when using languages other than English, please be patient I will look try to push a update if possible…
Please encoding option temporarily

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I am the same, only Spanish introduced language and I do not upload to airtable, if I put the data in airtable if I see them in the application, but on the contrary

where is the problem? in airtable or kodular?

If i publish my app now, Does my app work automatically after your updates? Or should I wait till update?

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