Kodular website not working

Kodular website not open plz see screenshot what the issue solve fasf


I have the same problem, the website won’t open!

Mean server down… kodular plz solve it fast…my client waiting for app

Currently Kodular Authentication is down.

Keep checking status after some time.

i am also having the same problem

I’ve forwarded this issue to the devs. Hope it gets resolved soon.

Is kodular team is still working on Kodular?

@David Any update from devs? How much time does it will take any estimation?

Waiting for Diego. I believe it will be fixed soon.

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Plz kodular make it work fast…plz plz

Kodular team plz reply and let us know when problem will solve?

Facing the same problem. The solution is to wait.

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We’re aware and working on fixing this. It will take some hours.


hey when i used kodular it showing 404 erorr why i dont know is this for me or someone is facing this problem

Please read the full post.

The service has been offline for 17 hours! How long will it take to fix the problem?

May we know any expected time when it will resolve?

another solution that we can try?

Still not solve the issue…plz do fastttttt

I choose to believe that they are really taking care of it, the strange thing is that it takes more than 24 hours