Kodular webview component block ads?

As I See Android Webview Block Ads Impression, But Chrome Custom Tab Not,Can Anyone Help Me regarding This, Is It Possible To Show All Ads In Webview.I Want To Unblock All Impressions Of Ads Like A Chrome Custom Tab

Is your query related to the thread?

Actually I Built A Gaming App.In which I used games of some online gaming sites like gamezop, Atmegames,For Which they give me revenue.but the problem is that, webview block ads comes while playing games.So that’s why my revenue generation is low.but chrome custom tab not block any impression of ads.so it gives higher revenue. Sorry for my wrong English, but I want a webview which doesn’t block ads impression like chrome custom tab.I am not a professional app developer. Soo please help me in this.

Show your blocks. Customwebview doesn’t block ads from itself unless you configure it to do so.

And, the most important question, are you sure that you have used Customwebview?

Ok,then I just want to know Is kodular webview component block ads but your custom webview not? Because I am using kodular webview.