Kodular Work Very Slow

I have some problems with the platform. Every time I click on a block to do anything, the kodular will be stuck for 2 to 20 seconds. It is impossible to proceed with the project. This problem started suddenly, I don’t know what to do.

  • Edit (Not a problem with the Computer)

My project

*Screen 1
16 Label
13 Image
2 Vertical Scrow Arrangemente
15 Horizontal Arrangement
4 Vertical Arrangement
1 Button
1 bottom Navigation
1 Firebase Authentication
1 Image Editor
Tela 11
*Screen 2
2 Label
2 Image
1 Button
1 Vertical Scrow Arrangement
1 Horizontal Arrangement
1 bottom Navigation
5 Spreadsheet

Welcome. I changed your title. It is called Kodular since a long time.

Is this project is from any other builder which you import here. ?

What browser are you using? I see a lot of good messages about using FireFox and that Chrome is really slow. I myself use Opera.

Yes, it depends on the browser. If your computer is not really good Chrome 99% of the time takes ridiculous CPU usage and memory, so consider using: Microsoft Edge, Opera…