Big Problem 1hour Work Done In 4Hours

Dear Kodular Team! Last 1Week Kodular Soo Much Lag Very Slow Working
MY 1Hour Work Done In 4Hours I dont know Why If have Any Solution Please Tell Me
My Internet Connection Soo Fast And Also Laptop New But Dont Know why This Heppening
have any solution

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What do you want, i dont understand what you mean, 4 hours of work in 1 hour.? What do you mean? Which work? And what should we do? You should think how to make a question or how to desribe your problem.

Im Developing A App On kodular Butt When Im Drag Drop Blocks and Components Very Slow Drag
Working Slow Soo Much Lag!

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I used to have this problem when I used Chrome. I followed one tip in this community, started using Firefox and the problem is gone.


If your app will be have lots of screens and blocks so kodular takes time

wow thank you soo much mozila is best now its working fast thanks again

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Also I have this problem with Chrome, I’ll try Firefox

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firefox is slower as chrome for me and that dramatically. In firefox i dont need to work with my project . Maybe if your blockeditor has less elements than you can work with them but if you have a lot of componentsbthan firefox is not a good choice.

Thanks for the tip, I noticed that reloading the page is much smoother but with the passage of time it comes back slow

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