Kodular lagging in just 1000 blocks

Hello everyone, I am working on a project. My project has 1000 blocks till now. But the builder is hanging like anything. I am using Firefox as well.
Any suggestions? Please help.

you can use firefox, kodular is not lagging in firefox, you can add around 3000+ blocks without lagging in firefox

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Yes… I also use Firefox newest version… but it’s still lagging

In that case, bad computer, bad internet.etc…

Internet speed: 50 mbps
Device: iPad Pro
Still lagging :worried:

This does not tell me anything

neither does this (as I can’t compare it with my computer)

Maybe it must be some loop that you have not forgotten to close or some component, extension that is playing a trick on you or you do not know its use very well.

My project has more than 2000 blokes (in a single window, I only use 2 windows, the use of many windows is not recommended.) and it works correctly and I test it in an emulator. (Perfect load) I tell you this not to show off, but to try to optimize your application, if you use a lot of dynamic components try not to generate so many components at the same time, use pagination.

Other solutions:

  • Delete the cookies.
  • On the mobile device uninstall and reinstall the companion or delete the data and cache.
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You make it seem like 1,000 blocks is normal…

This will actually create more blocks… Instead use schemes when you’re creating dynamic components.

This will not at all help, besides signing you out of Kodular on your own computer for your own security :sweat_smile:.

They’re talking about the block area…

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We are just trying to help.
I comment on these things because they have served me a lot in my 3 years experience in kodular.
And it is information that I have read from other posts.

also Malware :joy:

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