A request to Kodular

Hello Kodular Team,

I like Kodular so much then other platform. The UI of Kodular is much better then others but very laggy. other platforms run very smoothly in my pc but kodular run laggy. My pc specs are very good but still kodular lags. My request to Kodular please optomize your platform. I don’t want to go on other platforms becuase they are not so good in comparison of Kodular. Please optomize your platform.


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Please explain in more detail where the problem is.

I don’t have problem with Blocks or project. I have problem with kodular lags.

What does that mean?
As I said, explain …

Means Kodular builder is very laggy its lags every time if blocks is 200 or 2000

What laggs?

Kodular Builder Lag.

Make a video …

Clear browser cache
Use a faster browser like opera GX (It solved my problem)
Also in settings of the builder try the performance mode check whether it works for you.

Do not use high RAM eating applications while using kodular
Check the background processes in task manager and kill all the unnecessary ones.

Also idk if this a solution or simply a trick but if you have dedicated graphics card then

Enable high performance for the browser i had a significant difference really idk why.


I use the builder with 4000 blocks and it really made a difference

Your pc specs

2GB Graphics Memory
core i-3
not to mention its 6 years old

And yeah upgrading to SSD also works like a charm

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I have
8GB ram
2GB graphic
Ryzen 5 3500U 4core
Only SSD no hdd

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Try the solutions/tricks i gave and if it doesnt work then i suggest you make an empty screen when it gets too laggy and create the design there add the code and then copy paste to the main screen

I use Kodular on 4 different devices:

  • PCs: (i7, i5 / 8-16GB RAM, SSD) (Win 7 Prof., Win 10) and a
  • Notebook (i7, 8GB RAM) (Win 7 Prof.) and
  • 2 Mac Mini (8MB RAM / Catalina, High Sierra).

Firefox, Chrome / Safari
No issues at all.


But, my Kodular lags a lot I don’t know why I try everything

Maybe issue with your ram ??

I have (4GBx2) 2400mhz ram

That’s true
maybe because of animations or the overall layout, builder lags. But it only lags if you are making a complex app with lots of blocks and stuff

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