The block editor is slow

Hello, I have a very large project (with lots of blocks), every little move loads a few exhausting seconds (between 5 and 10 seconds), I tried to make all the suggestions (like using a Firefox browser) and they really helped but it’s still slow, and I understand that kodular does not Doing something to improve the situation so I want to ask what needs to be improved in the specifications of the computer for the editor to work smoother and faster?

Close unwanted tabs in browser

I have a very decent system and it still lags at 3500+ blocks. The only thing that worked for me is collapsing all the blocks and expanding only the one, two or three procedures/events in which I’m working at the moment.

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I am aware of all these suggestions, I ask what needs to be improved in the specifications of the computer for the editor to work faster

Is there a significant improvement? (I remember it should not improve anything)

Yes it did for me. The blocks editor is super fast when you have most of your blocks collapsed.

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I think it says in this presentation that shrinking the blocks should not improve speed, but I will try

The problem is that it is inconvenient to shrink all the blocks, especially trying to find a particular block or there is an error in one of the shrinking blocks

As far as I know that is a limitation with Kodular and previous versions “app inventor” etc

I use a simple trick! Everytime i’m working on a big project, I open 2 different tabs on Kodular, one with the project I’m working on, and an empty one!
I usually create what I want in the “empty” project and then I download it as png for example, and then drag and drop into the main project!

This way you will save alot of time, frustration etc
We need to be flexible and imaginative around here :sweat_smile:


I do that too​:joy:

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Well, It is faster. I don’t know what that says. But I’m telling you from my experience.
When the blocks are collapsed, you have to sort the blocks. So when you search for a specific block, those are ordered alphabetically. It is very convenient when you get used to it.

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Ahahaha I don’t feel alone anymore :joy::joy::joy:


exactly what i thought to do recently,. last days was so hard to work my project with kodular blocks so much slowly… i came here in community to find a reason/solution to this problem, but, how i can see, your advice is the way João. now stopping spendin time.

Its definitely much faster collapsing. A little extra hassle but you get used to it soon.

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Did you all enabled performance mode?

Collapsing all blocks and using Firefox instant of Chrome, you will notice that the lag has decreased a bit, the important thing is to use Firefox, you will notice definitely!!

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