Tell my why kodular creator lags?

I have signed up on Mit App Inventor as well as niotron they both are running smooth like a butter they are ultra smooth but IDK why for some reason kodular creator hangs a lot can anyone help me figure out the issue or this is from kodular team side?

You may check the status here. I didnt have any issues about speed but I think there are some temporary problems. I am sure staff will deal with it.

Sorry you take it wrong I mean that when I slide blocks or connect them that time the creator lags it seems like I am running some kind of heavy software.


Enable Performance Mode

Can you enable this mode on and then try again please. Most of the time its about your computer. I was using a lower system pc and it was laggy too.

I just logged in kodular in my firefox and it works smooth I guess there is a bug with chromium based browsers.

performance mode is enabled already and here are my specs:

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