I couldn't use kodular after update

i did
uninstall browser and reinstal
clear browser data
and clear cache
use microsoft edge

but same problem

check this video

This seems like a performance bottleneck on your system itself. Check your internet connection and CPU/RAM usage.

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Try to use Firefox i had same problem but now its fixed in Firefox

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internet CPU/RAM All ok
other all website perfectly working

i already use Firefox
same :cold_sweat:

@mihacker41 How much ram your laptop/computer have ?

I am not the person who made this topic but it does show that he has 8 GB RAM and that’s sufficient for Kodular

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I have a pc running win 7, 2 gb ddr2 ram, e8400 processor, Kodular works fine.

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After this update of 1.5.0 and 1.5.1. I had the same problem, there are certain times that kodular crashes. Before the update 1.5.0 was even better… It is not that much worse because my pc is more or less

fx 4100

8 gb ram …

16 GB :shushing_face:
still a problem?

Not the memory, but the processor. But before Kodular was even more fluid!


Use Opera.

I’ve tried, there are more problems with opera

I think your internet DNS is effected ads

internet 10 mbps
other all website run perfectly

this problem always showing my pc but i am avoid that

i have solution if your kodular creator freeze then click the project save button then get normal. that is my trick

project save button also freeze