KODULAR is consuming all my memory

Hello people, my KODULAR is consuming all my memory and crashing my machine, is this normal? See the picture.


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Use Firefox Browser

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The point is not to change the browser, and I’m not going to do that, KODULAR has to work satisfactorily in any browser, the problem has to be corrected or an explanation given for this fact.

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Ok, then wait for it. Do you think anyone will care about it? It is a known issue for a long time, and we just switch browsers… Simple as that, you don’t pay a lot for the service

This is a normal behavior no issue kodular is not a small site, it is full application builder.
sacrifices have to be made to get something.

I’m sorry to disagree with you Beth, but I pay what I’m charged, and it’s my right to charge what I pay.

This has nothing to do with how Kodular works but how the browser works you are using. There is nothing Kodular can do here. I don’t have a problem with Chrome or Brave but most people favor FireFox since it has a better response time it seems.

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So you’re saying that the chrome installed on my machine is having problems, because yours doesn’t show any problems, is that it?

No, I don’t have your problems because maybe my computer has more power or memory. Maybe my projects are smaller then yours, etc. Your “problem” has been happening with every builder. The only advise that seems to work is to use another browser that is friendlier for your computer memory.

Okay, I’ll try FireFox

Really, I’m not going to row against the tide. With Firefox the memory used dropped from 3 to 1.

No comments, thanks everyone for your help.