After writing some block in the kodular, the kodular hangs

After writing some block in the kodilar, the kodular hangs.
Everyone has to face this problem.
Do I need to improve my computer to avoid this problem?
RAM, ROM, processor, or the Internet?

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First of all send blocks.

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what’s? Why should I send blocks? Is this my only problem?
understand the complete question, than answer.
Thanks for your effort, we respect everyone’s opinion.

I do not face this problem and so I tell you that send blocks that hangs

Most users face this problem. You must write 500+ blocks to face the problem

I want to know about your computer’s RAM, ROM, and Internet speed

Laptop storage 750gb internet speed 4gb per second

I also used kodular in my smartphone but it doesn’t hang. I think it is problem of your browser. Try clearing cache and data of your browser.

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Yeah, I can see lags when the project is big. I have a project with more than 200+ components and more than 700+ blocks. It may lag if your pc spec is low and even the Operating System matters. I am not facing this problem when using Linux. But, facing the lag on windows. Tried/Tested on Brave/Chrome/Opera/Firefox.

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I have 8 GB of RAM running on Chrome with 1,000+ blocks on a project… It runs fine. Using Edge improves performance though.

My Project has 5000+ blocks on a single screen. Using Windows 10 , Firefox browser and I have 4GB RAM. It runs fine for me except hangs last for a minute while connecting to Companion.


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Use edge , best and fast for kodular block section

I have 6000+ blocks in screen
And 500+ components kodular lags sometime for me i am using firefox. If it’s lag i restart my pc then it’s fix but some time not.

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Yup, i have 3000+ blocks in 1 screen and my block screen lag a lot even i have to refresh kodular website after 1 minute because its hang when i drag or duplicate any single block :pensive:

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Yeah, it’s happen some time with me. :sob:

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I think You Should Improve your Ram And Internet

I have 3 Pcs

12 gb Ram DDR4
150 Mbps Wifi
120 GB SSD
Ryzen 5 3600u
WIN 10

8gb DDR3
1 TB hdd
Intel pentium Quad core
100mbps Speed
Windows 10

4gb Ddr2
500 GB hdd
Intel Celron Skylake
100 mbps Internet
Windows 10

Above All 3 Have No lags

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Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I found problem,
For internet speed

Improve internet speed

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