Whats the minimum pc and internet Speed requirements?

what is the minimum pc and internet Speed requirements to devlope an app in kodular?

I don’t think we have that specification available but the better internet you have, the better it will work (with that I mean response time, ping and not how fast 10mb, 50mb, 100+mb) and of course it applies more or less for the PC as well


Apparently @Boban is amazed that it even works on my computer :joy:

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Of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t think there are any minimum requirements, my laptop can barely run Minecraft at 20 FPS (even less), but Kodular works perfectly

Even before when I had a network that barely reached less than 200Kb/s

which browser?

Chrome and OperaGX

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i installed the operaGX and it behaved like other browsers, with lag dragging blocks and workspace, the only one that doesn’t give this problem is firefox, but it loses connection with companion: /

see the video
On chrome

On firefox

I use Chrome and Opera and face lag in kodular blocks section now I’m using Vivaldi Browser and it’s super fast. :wink: I found this browser in Top 10 alternative to Chrome List.

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Yeah, Firefox is pain in the bu… with disconnection issue, but try this as I usually use this to overcome that


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I tried Vivaldi but is not smooth like firefox :frowning: its huge the difference.

Boban, i always let screen on. :frowning:

It’s work amazing for me.

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