Kodular's policy question

We have a big question.

In kodular if I make an application, type to earn money in the app (PTC or Fuacet e.t.c.) and put google admob ads.

And I publish it in play store is against kodular policies?

If the answer is: yes


I googled some information, but I didn’t find much.

If it’s an earning app then it’s against Kodular’s and Google’s policies.

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Would you be so kind as to share with me the link

Thank you so much for letting me know,.

What link?

Just search the forum for earning apps.

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the most common definition of earning app: User of the app get paid by the developer for interacting with ads or an app that just shows ads, ads and only ads

earning apps are against Kodular policy and Google policy and will never be accepted when you try to monetize them.