Kodular's position in not meeting the demands

Thanks @dvdrothen! We highly need suggestions on corrective measures like this.

I just fixed this in our code. It will be there in the new update.


It is a nice solution for the problem.

Thanks @pavi2410 cuz at least you are not in sleep. Kindly look around the community and fix those issues and give us a date for next update. then we can notify our customer or clients for app update also.


This is ok but Update All Monetization Network & Onesignal / Firebase / Airtable Other Component

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I suggest creating a queue for creating the aab. so instead of creating requests all day and overloading the server, I send 1 request and when it’s my turn it will be compiled. it could be sent via email or an external link to free up space on server. or a guide to sign the apk on our computer


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With so many broken promises, it is best to first make Kodular Better again and gain our trusts before you increase the prices. We trusted you and paid for subscription but you’ve let us down.

Second thing, the premium users are facing the same delays and challenges despite paying for subscription. I think you could use a queue or limit number of builds for free users and prioritize premium users, this would release strain on the resources and also give premium users the value for their money.

It is more painful to feel scammed as a premium user.

Third thing, check on subscriptions faults, I have been double billed twice. Searching for help in the community I realized Kodular was silent to such complaints. I inboxed like 5 staffs on the same and even sent emails but no one responded.

Thank you for opening this topic to listen to our grievances. Thank was bravery and you’ve earned my respect @pavi2410


First off, I want to say that my opinion might go against the general idea, therefore remember that it is only my opinion. I would like to say that I too have been affected by the build error just as much as everybody else, but canceling subs is not the answer, you’re making the situation worse by taking away the dev’s income, remember that although they do offer a subs, for the price ( having them do all the heavy lifting on the development side), so that we can pseudo code our apps is honestly very fair. having said that I do believe that as a small team they might not be aware that we would happily pay for those extra features giving the chance.

  • white label
  • increase asset Mb
  • increase build size Mb

Remember to error is human, And as of now a workaround has been provided, so we should just let the devs work and focus on giving us a better experience without pressuring them too much,since more pressure = more bugs at the end of the day.


I was double billed for MONTHS

I eventually cancelled the card they were drawing from and got a new one.


… but if you really want to f it up, you need a computer :slight_smile:

please share

What is the work around???

It matters to me because i don’t want Kodular to be shutdown, that’s why i made that point. Find a strategy to make Kodular profitable so you can live off of this. I’d pay even to 5-7 times the current price if the service was better with no doubt.

download the apk, then sign and compile it manually.

Thanks @shiku316 for the kind words. Can you please let me know a number by how much do you expect us to increase the limits? We may consider this feedback.

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The new update with AAB fix is up now!


Share any payment related queries to my email at [email protected] or on Kodular Discord server. I’ll actively respond to those whenever possible.

Please tell us about updates of App Inventor + Kodular Planned Collaboration


Obrigado pelas atualizações

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I totally understand that

A bug that has been happening since they implemented premium on the platform is:

When we import an aia project, the previously saved colors cause errors and cannot be changed unless the user opens the file and changes the properties.

It appears that the block download function stopped working in the API 33 update.

We also have the outdated OneSignal SDK, causing us to pay US$18 for an extension.

I would like this to be corrected.

In addition to the Unity Ads SDK, it was my method of monetization in my apps, but the SDK is outdated and I have to pay US$10 for an extension (whereas US$1 is equivalent to 5.1x the value of my money)

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