App Inventor + Kodular Planned Collaboration

Hello Koders! :wave:

Today we are probably bringing you one of the most exciting news in years, so don’t miss out any information on this topic.

You will surely like it! :smiley:

We started Kodular back in July 2017, nearly 6 years ago, as a “fork” of the MIT App Inventor 2 project. Since then, we have been adding many new features to what is now known as Kodular Creator. But in fact, the base project was still there, and Kodular Creator would not be possible without all the effort from the original developers. So we wanted to give something back, and we have ported some specific features back to the original project, and some of us even worked in the project as part of programs like Google Summer of Code. :clock1:
But during these past months (and years), we have realized that maintaining two separate projects and services was a tough task, and it may eventually become more difficult with the iOS version being open sourced anytime soon. So, after talking for a couple of months with both the MIT App Inventor and the App Inventor Foundation teams, we are proud to announce that…

MIT App Inventor, App Inventor Foundation and Kodular teams are joining forces to collaborate on the development of the App Inventor platform! :handshake:

You heard it right, Kodular team will be collaborating and contributing to the development of the App Inventor platform. We will start by donating the Kodular Creator software and integrating portions of it into the original App Inventor platform.

What does this mean? Well, this means that…

  • App Inventor will be rolling out technical changes that will support different interfaces for the web editor. This will enable a huge revamp in the App Inventor User Interface, moving it to a more modern look and feel. It may not look exactly like Kodular Creator, but the idea is to improve the user experience and tune a couple of things according to user feedback. :teacher:
  • You will receive at App Inventor a bunch of new components and features that were available in Kodular Creator but not in App Inventor. A lot of new functionality will appear for App Inventor developers! :brain:
  • We will also be developing a couple of new features for App Inventor, and continue to contribute on a regular basis to the development of the App Inventor platform. This will benefit the entire App Inventor development community. :rocket:

And you may be thinking how all this process will look like. Well, Kodular team will be actively contributing to the open source repositories of the mit-cml organization. You will be able to see how the progress is going, and even provide feedback for this migration! :speech_balloon:
And the big question is: When is this going to happen? We are targeting this coming year for the beta release of this next version of the App Inventor platform.

As the outcome of this collaboration, Kodular Creator will be deprecated. But there’s nothing to worry about, as you will be able to migrate all your projects to App Inventor in a seamless way. Once the time comes, you will be able to move your projects from one platform to another automatically.
Our ultimate goal is that once all the project is finished Kodular Creator development will sunset and move to an end-of-life support phase, where you will be able to only view and edit your projects, but not build them into apps. And finally, it will be fully shut down so you can keep developing your projects directly in App Inventor with all the existing and new features.

We will also provide a snapshot of the latest working version of Kodular Creator so you can run it offline in case you don’t want to migrate your projects to App Inventor. But keep in mind that no updates for it will be provided, so Target SDK might become a bottleneck in the future. :desktop_computer:
For users who have purchased Kodular Premium, don’t worry. Once we provide the ability to migrate your projects and all Kodular-only features are available at App Inventor, you will be able to cancel and request a refund for the non-used time of your subscription. All the futures that we will be migrating to App Inventor will be free of charge on their platform.

PS: You will find a post right below this topic with a list of FAQs, in case we missed anything. We’ll keep updating them with new questions as they keep appearing.

We are really excited about this collaboration, as we will be building a way more powerful platform to build your apps! :raised_hands:

Happy Koding!
@Kodular Staff
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will all Kodular Creator features be migrated to App Inventor?

The goal is to migrate most of the things to App Inventor. In terms of design and usability, we will migrate everything according to the feedback received.
Components like Monetization ones will not be migrated natively (avoiding hard-branded stuff in the open source platform), but you will be able to use them from the App Inventor platform.

Can I move my projects from Kodular Creator to App Inventor?

Yes! That’s the ultimate goal of this collaboration. All your Kodular Creator projects will be compatible with App Inventor.

Will App Inventor introduce a Premium plan?

No, App Inventor will be free and open source. Kodular Creator features migrated to App Inventor will keep this philosophy.

I’ve paid for Premium, but I want to use the free alternative at App Inventor. What can I do?

Once all Kodular Creator functionality has been migrated, we will provide a way to cancel and get a refund for the non-used time in your subscription.

What will happen to Kodular Creator?

Once you can migrate your projects to App Inventor, it will be deprecated in 3 phases:

  1. Kodular Creator will still operate normally for a certain period of time.
  2. Later, Kodular Creator will transition to a read-only mode, where you will be able to view and edit your projects, but not build them.
  3. Finally, Kodular Creator will be shut down permanently. You will see a new screen where you can either retrieve the AIA files or migrate them to App Inventor.

What if I still want to use Kodular Creator?

Well, all the features will be available in App Inventor, so there will be no need to stay at Kodular Creator. Also, some new features that are on the roadmap will be implemented in App Inventor only.
However, you will be able to get a Kodular Creator Offline version, containing a snapshot of the last working version. You will be able to edit and build your projects there, but keep in mind that it will not receive updates so eventually you may be interested in migrating to App Inventor.

Will you stop working on Kodular Creator during these months?

No. Kodular Creator will keep receiving updates during this period so that apps and components are still functional and work in Android.


Congratulations with this collaboration :birthday: :confetti_ball: :tada: :balloon:


sounds good!! but what happens if I already have an account in app inventor?

And, can you explain in major details what will happen with the monetisation? Can we monetize in app inventor with admob or we will use Google manager?


Nothing. You can still use your account there and import the Kodular aia to App Inventor.


It seems that it is clear that the change benefits users of App Inventor. Is there any clear benefit in terms of functionality for kodular users? may be IA?

Yes. Because you will be accessing the same functionality on App Inventor, it means you will get new features and bug fixes faster (MIT AI2 + Kodular teams will be working on the same platform). And you will also receive iOS support, just like in AI2 now.


Will admob be in App Inventor?

Does this mean that you are working on launching a version to create applications for iOS soon?

No, as the topic says, monetization components will not be migrated natively. We’ll provide a way to keep using advertising components though.

No. The topic clearly says that we will avoid maintaining two versions, so the “Kodular iOS” version will be the same as App Inventor one by integrating Kodular functionality into App Inventor.


While I am sad to see Kodular Creator close in the near future, I am happy and excited for this collaboration.

Thank you Kodular team for your huge contribution during all these years :heart:


Kodular is not going to close, just Kodular Creator. :sweat_smile:
We’ll be providing some other services to the App Inventor ecosystem, like advertising components. We still need to figure out how, but we’ll keep the community posted on updates.


Of course, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough.
I corrected the original post

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wow thats great News so far. we will get updates on time now. :cowboy_hat_face:


What About Google Ad Manager users. Should Google Ad Manager no longer supported?

It sounds to me like a win, win situation!!!


Congratulations on this collaboration to the whole team of Kodular and App Inventor!
I hope users will get lots of benefits after this. We are also looking forward for new components related to A.I.

@Kodular Thank you for providing us with an excellent platform for App development.


so admanager will fine??

Finally we will get updates and support on time :timer_clock: :raised_hands:

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