KodularStarter installation on Ubuntu

Hi folks, new user here. I’ve been using Kodular for a few weeks now and loving it , however i’m struggling to get the KodularStarter v2.0 installed on my Ubuntu 20-04.

  • i’ve downloaded the KodularStarter_linux file from https://github.com/Kodular/Starter/releases/tag/v2.0
  • I’ve placed it in a folder called ~/Kodular/

I’m now a little stuck as the instructions at https://docs.kodular.io/guides/live-development/usb/ say to run KodularStarter.py``` file however that file doesnt exists so suspect the docs are out of date ?

What i’ve tried after some research is …

  • in a terminal i typed ./Kodular/KodularStarter_linux and i get a permission error
  • So then i tried sudo ./Kodular/KodularStarter_linux and i get

Any pointers or tips please on how to install the starter ? i’m sure it’s straight forward when you know, just struggling with it at the moment.


Oh and secondly… i joined the discord server but every channel says i dont have permission to post to that channel like #help etc. Guess im missing a step there too ? :slight_smile:

Try this

Thanks, i had previously read that post but that solution didnt seem to work for me , will investigate it some more though as i’m sure i’m missing a simple step somewhere.

ahhh, worked it out thanks. need to do chmod u+x KodularStarter_linux

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