Label text to variables for list

My label27text (s1.png s2.png s3.png)
how can i make this label to variables for list?

I’ve tried replacement block to remove ( and ) and make space to ,
It doesn’t work.


I don’t think you r doing correct path. Actually what is present in label.text?

Try to get it in another variable then convert to label .text

Global colors_backuptext is already a list so why do you need all this. Just set blobal colorlist to get global_backuptext

It still says same (s1.png s2.png s3.png)
It doesn’t change anything.
I think there might be an error in replace code.

I tried that but it doesn’t work and happens index error.
so I try this method.

Try this

Otherwise try using split blocks in order to create list and as for the index error please so us your blocks cause maybe there is an error there


It says ‘true’. How to put them in variable?
Just put them like this?

or do I have to use for each item block?

Now global colorlist is a list. You can use it according to your needs.

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