Language selection when app starts

I want to know how can I make a language selection at the startup so that user can use my app in their language but I don’t know where and how to start.
Somebody, please tell me. I’m geek

Aks the user for his language with a button or with device info.

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You don’t understand.
Let’s suppose my app supports three languages

1 English (primary)
2 Chinese
3 Russian

now if someone clicks to Chinese how will I convert my whole app in Chinese?
this is what I am asking

I think you are talking about this


if the user click on chinese than set text label to … chinese
if user click on english than set label text to … english

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Check out this thread.

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thanks but it seems very complicated for a beginner and I don’t think anyone has time to tell me how to do it in easy words?

Isn’t the way Mika explained in easy words?

You just have to follow it step by step.

indeed, but still, I couldn’t do it.

There is no automatic method.

  1. Pick the languages you want to translate to.
  2. Get all the strings you want to translate.
  3. Hire a translation company (google provides this service) to translate your string to the desired language.
  4. Setup a strings.xml and follow @Mika post.

Thats the method.


I don’t if I was the issue, but to test it only works in the built app not in the companion.

okey thanks.

now it looks sufficient information to work with. definitely going to try it.
for now, I’m marking it as a solution.
thanks for your time.


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