Language String like Android Studio

(KaFa) #1

What do you guys think about a text file that store/read all of the text from the components.

Each component with text like Texbox, Label or something else should be stored there and we should be able to download the text file and add different languages and upload the file again.

If you like my idea then vote for it.

I don‘t know if this is possible to integrate but it will be very useful :slight_smile:

(Nathan) #2

Use the file component.

(KaFa) #3

Yes. I know. I do that for now but this to much work, because I have to add every new component and I have to add the component to the blocks…

This is only an idea :bulb:

(KaFa) #4

It would be also nice if an @ExtensionDevelopers try to create an Extension like this.

I don‘t have the programming skills for that :sweat_smile::unamused: