Limit the size of images

is there an extension to limit the size of images that users can upload?

No extensions is needed for that.

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to upload to where?
what about resizing the images by the app to the size you need?
the image extension and its Resize and/or Scale method could help you doing this

What about checking before uploading whether a certain file size is exceeded:


Thanks. I´ll try this too.

I don’t know why all the images I try always return -1 (wrong, by the way)


I solve the problem with Taifun aix, Thanks.

You must use the relative path for this:


I already mentioned this issue several times (sometimes the absolute path and sometimes the relative path is used), e.g.:

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@juansinclair can you tell me how to make limit image size in image picker?

I have tried with file size component like @bodymindpower block above this post, but always failed

Use file size block from FileTools Extension.

Here size, 5,00,000 means 500kb


What failed?
As I’ve mentioned often enough, the File component needs the relative path:

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i just know what is relative path. thank you for your block. i will try it

what did you do to resize image before upload

you can find the answer after reading the complete thread…
see here


Sorry for the delay to answer.

I did not access the community for a while, and only now did I see the question.

I really hope you have solved the problem, but come on …

I used the blocks below, from Tayfun extensionexample

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