Link in a Label cannot be clicked

I want to make an clickable link with an html code. the word what i use for the link is showing in pink but you cannot click the link and i tried around but it wont work. Here the html code that i used a href=">Coincoach</a
What can i do now i need some links in some texts that i work with

I deleted some >< that i can show here the code

please help me with that, that i can make a clickable hyperlink in a label where i have a text.

Why you want to use html code, you can do that by just using an on click block.

Just add a label and make it clickable and then go to block section and use onlebelclick block and use your url to redirect user to any webpage.

Thanks at first but it want not work. I have diffferent labels in my layout and in each label is a text. In one label is the text above. But you cannot click on the link to open the browser. this html code works fine and you se the pink hyperlink Coincoach but you cannot click on it. This is my problem. here is my complete text

Erstinbetriebnahme und wie man “Sendet“ und “Empfängt“ ,sowie ein ausführlicher Test uvm. \n(a href=“”)hier klicken \n\nEinrichtung, Verwendung in MyEtherWallet uvm… \n<a href=“ht(ps://”)coincoach

I changed >< with () that i can show my text to you.
If i use this text in the builder, i see the right text that i want but i cannot click on the link what i need.
I have in the text different hyperlinks so i cannot use the if label click button.
What can i do now because in some texts i have 5 6 or 7 hyperlinks.

you might want to use a webviewer to display your text…
How to read a HTML page stored as asset


Hello, I know this but this is not a possible Solution for that what i want to do. THX for your reply.Because i have to do to much, before it looks like whant i need. And to make an Complete Asset with the text needs to much memory for a text with 100 words or so. Normaly it should work the text is showing complet ok and how i want but you can click on the hyperlink but nothing happens. The Link behind will not open a browser, And i dont know why. I remember me that this solution worked in Appybuilder too if i am not wrong.

Why don’t you use Label click event then.



Weil ich 5 6 7 verschiedene Hyperlinks in einem Text habe and i can only use 1 per click. I have to use so many how hyperlinks are in the text. And it doesnt look like well if you use more labels because you get a free space between each label (piece of text).
But thanks for your help

Using HTML In Label

1.: Make Sure You Enabled HTML Format

2…: Make Sure Your HTML Code Is Correct

3…: Make Sure Your Code will Like This


I Hope It Will Be Work After Following All 3 Steps

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Then Taifun’s proposal is the best for now.

Yes and that because they have hyperlinked properties.


Something @KodularCreator can do.



Ok… You have to make sure you have the Label Clickable Property for Kodular on, then enable HTML.

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thanks to all i hope this code works. but i think so bc it looks a bit different to them what i get in the forum here. thanks people

Ok people i tried your code but it is the same it will not work. I think it is a bug there. i tried around for a few hours and i want not work for me. Thanks for your help but it is not possible to bring this to work here. I used different scripts for that and nothing happend if you click on the word. I think its a bug or the label connot work with this html scipt.

I made a new test and made a APK and test it on a galaxy s8 and there is the same problem. The word will be showing but if you click on it you will not open a browser with the link behind. Thanks for your help but this scipt doesnt work. I have to look for another solution. Maybe i make the text complete in html and put it into the html block for the web viewe.
Thanks again


You Can Do Like This

Clickable_Link.aia (1.7 KB)

Clickable_Link.apk (4.1 MB)

Re-upload aia please, link does not work

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