List Customisation

Hi there, I want to make this list as a descending order only by the score value.

Robert : 12
Rammi : 45
John : 50
…like this.
How can i do that? I need help.

This might help you …

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Thanks for your response. I tried this extension. It ok. But my question is how can set that list only by the integer value. Like, Whose score is the highest one , he will be the first item, then second, third…

One possibility:

  • invert how you form your list, instead of name: score, use score,name: ;

  • arrange the list as you wish using the List Utils extension;

  • use for each and split each list item text in " , ";

  • when you show each one in the listview, you join the text selecting index 2 then index 1.

Sorry for not showing it in blocks. I won’t be able to use my computer until tomorrow.


I’ve just checked on the extension’s page that its sort method is string-based not numeric based. :frowning_face:
It won’t work correctly unless the numbers are compared one by one.

I’ve also found this paid extension which I believe does that quickly.

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Thank you.