Sort List Numerically

I would like to sort a list of numbers to:


I tried ListUtils but it only sort by alphabet.

This is a sample. I have a huge list of numbers. Suggest me the best way to approach or maybe @Hossein add an option to the sort order.

don’t know about the extension but I think this code can help you to manually set up a method to sort meanwhile

a  = [1,4,53,5,2,3,56,3,5,67,5,35]

for i in range(1,len(a)):
    key = a[i]
    j = i-1
    while j>=0 and a[j] > key:
        a[j+1] = a[j]
        j -=1
    a[j+1] = key


here ‘a’ is the list

Use this… & use block bubble sort list…


Thank you @Deepanshu_Arya @Alapjeet for helping.


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