List filter kodular

list viewer copying rows from google sheets if column A value contains a specific value

You are getting values from gsheet to app, then…
We want more specific…

If you want to filter the list, use this extension

my app sends data to a spreadsheet, for 4 columns, I have 4 screens, 1 for each product, and all of them launch the data in the spreadsheet, I need each screen to filter its data in a list

Do one thing. In screen1 you are sending data to store in gsheet na, mean while store each column in separate tinyDB or as a list

When screen2 or screen3 or s4 or S5 intialize you call tinyDB to get such value alone and display in an any label or cars or list view

I didn’t think about it, interesting, I’ll try and return if I have difficulties,

No issue. Defintly it will work… don’t worry. Suppose if you storing in tiny DB as a list then while retrieving you have to use select list item list and index and all… but each column in separate tinyDB mean directly you can take it. That’s the difference

If it not works, pls post or screenshot of the way how you store the details(what are the details also) and retrieve alone. Then only we can give you more exact solution

if you want from ascending to descending and descending to ascending then see this video!