List related question

I have a list like below
[“100-1234”, “05-123”, “100-123”, “Pra-105”, “100-pu”, “war-100”]

so my question is how I get the items from the above list which contains only 100…
how can I do this?

split the text at -

If Is in the list thing (100) list this spiltted text
then select the item




ok…i am trying… thanks for reply

so from that filtered list i want the other number or text.
for example my list which contains 100 is [“100-1234”, “100-123”, “100-pu”, “war-100”]
and i want to get 1234, 123, pu and war.

or you can use regex (but i do not know such code)

Thank you so much… i am great fan of your’s :heart_eyes:

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