List View is nor scrolling smoothly. How to make list view scroll smoothly?

I want a list view which has more text elements(Plain text elements, not image or subtext) than the screen size, meaning we need to scroll the list view. I am using the Kodular LIstView but the scroll is not smooth. It hick-ups while scrolling.

I tried some custom listviews like ColinTree listview, but there is no Font type import and many for features of standard List view.

Could someone help how can I get the ListView scrolling smoothly with all the properties of ListView?

Even I tried making ListView by DynamicCardview and DynamicLabel, that worked but it will take time to create and delete the custom LIstview.

Share a video regarding your problem. So for we didn’t find any scrolling issue with list view

Yes, ListView is working fine without any problem.

Actually I added ListView inside a VerticalScrollAlignment, which caused the irregular scroll. But when I added the Listview outside the scroll view, then it worked.

Thank You