How to make listview scrollable when screen is scrollable?

Is it possible to make list view scrollable when screen is set as scrollable .


What happened when you did that?
It should be scrolling while the height of list exceeded the height of your phone screen

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Whole screen is scrolling but list doesn’t.

yes i think that will not create any problem

then take a vertical arrangement and put list in it

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Still whole screen is scrolling

let me check it

yes if screen is scroll able then others will not scroll

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But sir i saw many apps which screen and list both are scrollable.

Okay. Tell us what you are trying to do… so we will try to find a solution for you…
I recommend a short video of scrolling thing you saying


I want to get data from airtable and show them in multiple category in listview but without scorollable screen i cant make more than 2 categories

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You can enable Scrollable when making app and after work finished, you can uncheck Scrollable option.

Use vertical scrollable arrangement …

I actually think making a screen that contains a list view, scrollable will generate app problems due to both the list and the screen try to scroll at a go

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set all lists height to fill parent so there height cant go out of screen size, like set every one to 30% so all lists take 90% of screen so they can scroll in screen and screen dosnt go to its own scroll, i tried an working for 3 list view each i set on 30% in height or fill parent

Try using an arrangement in scroll arrangement instead of using Scrollable property. Because Scrollable property causes the other components when their width and/or height set to “Fill Parent”

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