List View with Airtable

And then what blocks I have to use to relation them with the Airtable URL’s

That will work if your ids are numbers:


First of all if your id is combination of no and letter then use replace block and replace the particular letter from it.
Using the no. Use get item from list block and use it as index.


A lot thanks!! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Correct @Mohamed_Tamer but if Id is not only number then

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Something like that :


Yep, right

I hope now @JaviR3TicS got the solution.
Thanks @Mohamed_Tamer for blocks as I was unable to post them.


Why it doesn’t worK? @themaayur @Mohamed_Tamer

The error is: The operation replace all cannot accept the arguments: , [nothing], [cc], [empty-string]

Here’s the Error in Orange Box -

You are using wrong block of yusufcihan Extension that’s why it’s returning nothing.


Ah yes! Thanks!

I’ve used BigImage from ↓

but I can’t click on the cards. Why is it?

Set card view full clickable to true.

I’ve done it, but I have to click beetween 2 cards to do the actions

I didn’t understand you?

If I want to click on any card, I have to click in the middle/space of 2 cards

Show your Design.

So what can I do?

Set image or Label to clickable.
Or all of them.

But if they click on one image that is not of videos, it will get an error