CardView extension Is not working Now and showing error

Previously the extension work properly.But now it is showing error in my project…Mainly on Input arrangement…

Extension name:CardView

Error occer on this blocks: The input One…

Error message:

Error Message

Firstly, looks like content needs to be String instead of a number.

Secondly, why are you using CardView extension as we have already Dynamic CardView component? Kodular’s dynamic CardView component also allows to insert your own dynamic components with any order you want.

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because you are using it wrong, and 2nd as @yusufcihan said you dont need it anymore + its not loading image from url now,

please help me its not woking properly

you cant leave empty cells or rows in airtable, you have to fill them all to get data, use 0 or - anything in empty cells and try again.

this error is in my head now please help me…

What have you done with all the advise you get here? I see you only posting error messages. What have you tried? What have you changed? What is working and what not?

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ya it was working fine after getting all the suggestion but now when i re startes the compilor then it is showing such error…
please help me i am new to kodular and i want to understand it whyb is this errror occuring…

so you have filled empty cells ?


ya i filled all empty cell…

and now sometime it is showing all the data and sometime it is showing error message:
Selected list items:List index too large
selected list items:Attempt to get item
number 1 of a list of lenght 0:

try using call cardview type2 block inside initialize local shayri text, below number block.

protip: show a screenshot of your updated relevant blocks


yes, i have done with it but not working…
I think the problem is in extension itself…

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps

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I can see bunch of issues in your code, so share your aia file

You are executing this code without knowing if this one is done


Thankyou…For your support I am learning to use kodular and because of this community support i am learning my mistakes …ya i can share aia in private message but cant share on public…

thank you so much @Boban because of your support i was able to fix the errror.

Glad to be helpful however, there are some more improvements that can be made, for ex. initialize local one I don’t see any purpose with it, for each number you are creating a copy of the list, so why not just copy the list instead


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