Cardview extension type1 error

hi ,
i am making an app in which users can upload images .so for that have an extension i.e.@ben cardview extension!
but i am getting an error while uploading


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blocks (1) !
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can cardview accept url of photo?

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  1. Upto what I know Taifun didn’t develop any extension related to card view

  2. As the error message says, the global user, global date and global des list are empty.

no i checked everything is currect !!

If everything was correct you wouldn’t see the error. Why wouldn’t @Vaibhav his response be correct?

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Look again at your error message(empty lists) :point_down:

Your error message says a different story!

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mistake is in image url.
i check without image there is no error

Docmentation says that:

So I wonder how a list can be equal to int? :thinking:

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do u mean is this wrong

You can’t compare a list and int.

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You are using Got Column event but for this you should first use Get Column method. Where are you using it?

Why not use global switch instead.

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global switch means

so instead of int can i use select list item list event?

No.Either use different spreadsheet components or

can u explain what is global switch

Use global variable and when you get data successfully increase it by one after comparison.

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do u mean like this

Now you can easily check if you are getting data for particular time.

Or an example by deephost

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