ListPermission: with this extension it is possible to make a whitelist at once

Thats are all blocks i haven’t use anything else :joy:

Try make block like that

@jarlissonlira2 can you update your extension to work with the new Kodular update
i try recast method but i have this message
Import Extension Failed!
Uploaded file does not contain any component definition files.

Recast v0.1.1 has fixed this issue. Try recasting your extension now.

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can pass the updated download Extension Failed

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I did the recast, do you want me to send it to you?

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Yes please

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How can we allow permission of web viewer

It has been updated, but I haven’t tested it. So if there is a bug, it’s the extension itself!


com.jdl.Permission.x.aix (11,7,KB)


yes This ecxtension is working perfectly now.

My app when open it is automatically closed


Are using old version of the extension ?
Old version causes the crash of the application

Try recasted version of the extension

This extension does not handle the permissions correctly after recent update. Keeps popping up even if the required permissions are given

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Please :pray: update the extension because now not work properly.

Did you try the recasted version?


Yes i recast it.

Extension work in Android 10 but not work properly in Android 12

Great… I will try it then in a few years in Android 20, too… :upside_down_face:

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sorry for typing mistake :pensive: