Listview after selection

How to open any other screen after selecting any item from the listview

What have you tried?

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How to open other screen if listview element clicks?

Again what have you tried? Try before asking. Show what you tried and we can help you from there.

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By clicking on testing 1 I would like to open screen 2 how can I do it?


For each element I would like to open different screens

My block will open a screen called like the selection.
If you want to open a screen with other name, use if then else.

is this correct?

No, it isn’t. Use List_View1.Selection instead of List_View1

As he said with blocks:



No, it’s not correct…
The correct way is, If List View Selection = Testing1… Then, open another screen…Screen Name…

I think this is the right one


Yes, you’re right…

Tq so much

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