ListView Duplicated

Hi All

I have a problem with duplication list Items

When I refresh the list (redo the sql select query) the data displays double in the list and this carries on every time I press the button

I get an infinite number of duplicates on the screen

Any one?


Call Clear List everytime you refresh. Show relevant blocks for better understanding.

where tio put clear list

Is the listview extension from Deep Host?


its from… hang on


but I get the exact same error when I use Dynamic Components list. Every time I refresh, it doubles in size

Clear all the related variables before you recall deta from DB (i. e : Qresponse, ST_house_no, ST_address_street, ST_phone_no & ST_order_date). This should be working.

ok, let me try that, Thanks

that silves it but Im still getting data from the first call in the second card

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Can you please elaborate? What does this mean?

well you can see the “7”

my next record is 8 and the second card shows both 7 AND 8


Make sure what you are getting in the global variables like global ST_phone num, global ST_street num and so on. I hope you are making mistake in the setting values in such viable variable using dictionary

In Mousse Right Click on each global variable and select do it to confirm what you are receiving.

I believe you should not use add items list to the block

Show us your dictionary structure…

The Do It shows duplicates

That’s something I also was about to say!
Not sure, but you can run a quick test rreplacing add item to list with set <var> to. Check if it works!

It means you are making mistake in the dictionary… show us your distionary mode!!

I hope that also would be a problem for him i think. Because it will show him the last value only. His mistake using the dictionary block i think

what should I use instead of add item

Not sure what you mean??? What block should I use in place of ADD ITEM?

Remove the from each number block,

Try like this

Set global ST phone number to
Add this block and in the text field put the matching word


Same result

Can you show your web result???

No need of that for each items to the list also it does no action…

If not send us your aia here or in pm. Let we fix it