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I need your help. There is nothing I haven’t tried. First, I saved the text of the checkbox in the list. I showed this list in the list view. I managed to remove the selected items from the list view with the notifier. What I want is to remove the checkbox at the same time as the item in the list view is removed.Sorry if my blocks and spelling are not good. I’m new to Kodular. Don’t judge me if I have a mistake. I would appreciate your help. You can think of it like a shopping list.

You can not remove a component unless it is created dynamically using [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2 or [FREE] CompCreator- lite version of DynamicComponents extension. You can only change visibility to true/false and hide them

Maybe you mean that you want to change status from checked to not checked ?

If the checkbox of the item I removed from the list view is not removed, I go to the checkboxes screen and try to remove it myself. Then it gives an error because the checkbox list is empty. I guess with Dynamic Components, I need to get the id of the checkbox and remove the id while removing the list view item.

Maybe you mean that you want to change status from checked to not checked ?

Actually, I want to do exactly that. I can delete the items in the list with the code anyway. Visually, the checkbox needs to be unchecked.

Is this what you want to achieve ?

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OMG yes yes yess.How did you do ?

Like this…, blocks are draggable :slight_smile:

blocks - 2022-05-06T130521.895

blocks - 2022-05-06T130519.406

blocks - 2022-05-06T130527.703

blocks - 2022-05-06T130535.335

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Thank you very much.You made my day.You’re awesome!

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Test them and modify code according to needs

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I will definitely do it. I’ve been trying for two days. You found the solution. I’m grateful. I won’t forget you.

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