How to clear List View

I tried to put list view elements to false
I tried to put list view elements to create empty list

but it doesnt work

what need i apply ?

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I can understand what you want to do kindly explain in detail
If you want to create empty list you can initialise global variable to create empty list or if you want to clear a list
You can simply use clear list block

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Yes i looking for it but

I cant find it !! wher is he at ??

Which extension do you use

I only use firebase storage nothing else

I meanare you using built-in component of listview or any extension???

built-in component

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I using only list view , and there is not such component ,
list view image and text

Do you want to completely hide list or you want to show another list in place of that list

I want to clear the list so i can update it again

Because if i youst update it , it youst doubles everything so there are then 2 same tags

You can use 2 listview when you want to show second list , hide the first listview and show it with 2nd one

So not possible to clear the list ?

Block like these when button click set listview1 visible to false and use set listview 2 visible to true and set listview2 element from list

As we can’t find that block so yes, we currently can’t do that with block and if something else work I don’t know it currently sorry for that but I think you can use above idea to solve your problem

I will try somting …
Thanks for your replays :slight_smile:

If my reply solved your query then mark the solution to my reply so that anyone else with same problem can find the solution easily

This wont wonk because i need to update , like 20 time , somtime

Hello @davidhrenn,
From where are you loading the data to the list. You can check whether the item is available in the list, if not, then add that to the list and if it is there just skip adding that item. It will prevent doubling of items in the list.

Simply Set List Item To Create A Empty List when You Want To Clear.