How to delete brackets in a listview

Hi All

Ive searched all the links for this subject and have only found ea explanation where there is ONE LIST ITEM

What to do with many list items

Ive tried this…




What is your actual result?

Try to select list item list block

Sorry, I dont understand your solution?

If you use replace block for whole list then the out put won’t be a list. Try to eliminate or replace the unwanted things from item by item

Once got response, out it in for each items in the list

And try to replace the brackets item by item, and add the replaced items in a new local or global list and then use it in the list view

Thanks, I understand the theory but how to do it exactly, is beyond me.

You say item by item and into a new list?

If you can show me few basic blocks, much appreciated


Can you show me your actual output obtained from SQL?

Is this like you want??

Listview1 - actual list
Listview2 - modified

I believe this is related to The operation Elements cannot accept arg:,[4 zzz FFF] - #10 by Tony2 and we already mentioned that you are working with list of lists

absolutely… how did you do it? :grinning:

yes Dora. Isnt it terrible. Im still stuck on the same thing. I saw your solution. I tried it but then I saw it was for a Google Spreadsheet. So I couldnt use it. I tried but it didnt work. :frowning:

So why didi you create a new topic for same thing ?

Ok, Lists of Lists. I get that. But how then to get rid of the brackets and other stuff even if its list of List stuff?

It works for me.

Suppose if the list is CSV row text mean., Slightly adjust here like this

because I added more detail to my question and was able to better express the problem once I had a better understanding of the thing and the things I had tried and not tried.

So even though you have hard coded the items in the list should I simply substitute your lists for the result from the database?

Don’t see the global initial list(it will look like your query result obtained from database)… just try to do just like given in screen init. If it not work(even in two methods) just let me know

Can I substitute your lists with my SQLlite result?


Construct blocks like this first and let us know the output .

Move all those blocks into when SQLlite after query event block

In the place of global list just use only get response


without it…

why do I get the feeling there are some guys watching this thread, shaking their heads and wondering how long its going to take for me to wake up :slight_smile: :wink:

Its almost as if this is not being seen AT ALL!