ListView Image with Categories

I want to create a ListView with different categories. I have a button, when you click the button, a pop up menu appears with a “Create” button and a TextBox. The heading of the ListView is what you type in the TextBox. This is all for creating a new item in the ListView. But what I want now is that when you click on the item,
that a new window will open. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a new window, it can also be a CardView or something similar. So here’s an example. The user enters Cow in the TextBox and a new element is created in (Screen1). If you click on the newly created element, a new (screen) opens where the properties are then, such as what the animal eats, what color it is, etc. So, as I said, it doesn’t have to be a new screen, but can only be a view the main thing is that you only see what I have described above on the screen. I hope you understood me. Thanks in advance for the answers.
Here are the blocks:

Here’s how it currently works:

And here is a drawing of how it should work: