Listview index smaller than 1

I am having a problem of list index. Whenever I use my application, and click on a list item, data gets loaded from the previous list item.

For example, when I click on the second list item, a new page opens that has to load data from airtable. And in database, I have four column, title, image, author and post. So clicking a list item should open a page with data from the same row. But it does not do that, and my app loads data from the previous list item’s row.
Here’s the code:-

Here’ the error:-

Here’s the database:-

Do you know index of list view image and text?
Index is start form 0 (zero) you need to position + 1 to get/call data or select index item from your list


Try This in your click event



Try this

do this first
on click

and the on screen intialize (Screen That you opened using click )
do this call values

and finally after getting value do this

Hope this works !!

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